Moving Beyond Shame and Guilt

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.    

Learning from your past mistakes is good and appropriate; however, when you dwell excessively on past mistakes it begins to create toxic shame and guilt. The weight of these heavy emotions then keeps you from acting from a place of love, joy, and light in the present moment and blocks the flow of Spirit within and through you.  These heavy energies born from a lack of self-forgiveness can be very debilitating.  The ‘stuckness’ that often results is very easily used by the ego to create an even greater sense of shame and guilt through its mental narratives.  Thus, the heavy energy can easily reseed itself.  For more on the relationship between ego-based thoughts and heavy emotions, please read Our ‘Weeds and Seeds’ channeling. If you are feeling a sense of shame about yourself, try the following experiment.  Imagine that you are a completely new, beautiful, loving spirit, soul, or even an advanced, benevolent, alien consciousness that is suddenly beamed down into your body.  This new consciousness that you are has full access to all of the memories that you have ever experienced in your lifetime, but is not the ‘you’ that lived through and created those experiences.  Then, ask yourself as this new, fresh, and beneficent consciousness, ‘What shall I do in this very moment?  How can I move forward in this vessel, this body, that I find myself inhabiting?  What would be the most loving response to the information that I have access to in the form of memories, and how can I best take loving action in the external world if Love is calling for action?’  This experiment is really just a technique to help you access the present moment.  It gives the mind just enough storyline that it helps keep it from blocking the experience of Presence flowing through you.  The idea is not to create a new starting point in the timeline of your life.  The idea is to create the new starting point in every single ‘now’ moment.  Then, you never build a large accumulation of psychological past.  So, this is essentially a mindfulness practice.  It is the practice of being new to your body at every moment.  You can still take the information of what occurred in the past and synthesize it to create right action in the present; however, this past, as well as the contraction of identifying as your past self, no longer immobilizes you in a straight jacket of shame and guilt.  

Approaching life from this perspective does not mean you no longer take responsibility for your past actions.  Actually, the newly energized soul in you can more easily see what the loving course of action is going forward.  The new ‘you’ can say ‘I’m sorry’ to the person that was hurt without it feeling like a complete annihilation of self. You can still use the language that will be most meaningful for the other person and say things from the perspective of ‘I am sorry.’  To go into an explanation of ‘I am not the same person that hurt you.  I am this new consciousness inhabiting this body’ will probably not be effective or even understandable to the other person depending on their level of consciousness, and may feel like an invalidation of the apology.  Coming from this perspective of a new consciousness inhabiting your body allows an opening for compassion for both anyone you have injured in the past as well as for yourself.  Realize that from the point of view of the external world you are still responsible for all of your past actions, and will have to face the consequences of those past actions.  However, this new perspective allows more spaciousness in you and allows for a higher level of consciousness than the ego-based consciousness that committed those actions. This way of approaching things is not a lie or a denial of the truth.  It is actually the deepest truth, because if you intentionally hurt someone else or yourself in the past, then it is impossible that you were operating from your highest level of consciousness.  By allowing yourself to access a higher level of consciousness now, you also allow for the greatest possibility of healing for the other person and yourself.  The pain cannot be healed or truly addressed by the ego-based consciousness that created it because this ego-based consciousness is only interested in it’s self preservation.  Yet, you and everyone on this planet has far more within than just this ego-based consciousness.  Your body is a portal to the Infinite.  You need only allow the internal Space for this deeper level of consciousness that all beings are intertwined with to come through you to be felt and expressed within this world.  

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