Weeds and Seeds – How do you approach releasing emotional pain in the most direct and efficient way?

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

“The most effective and efficient way to heal whatever pain is ‘trapped’ or ‘crystallized’ in the body at a cellular level is to allow it to ‘be’ when it emerges, to allow yourself to experience it, as opposed to attempting to push it back down.  However, it is very important to shine the light of your awareness on your mind and the narrative that your mind will almost inevitably begin to tell as the pain vibration comes to the fore.  The narrative is almost always spun in a way that adds to the pain that is already there.  If this narrative is believed as the absolute truth (as opposed to the very relative truth that it is, which is also one of many, many possible relative truths that could be given for the situation associated with the trapped pain), then, more pain is ‘seeded’ by this initial trapped pain.  Of course, the most absolute of truths is that only love exists and that you and everyone and every life form and everything ARE that love.  Almost always, the narrative and thoughts that emerge to accompany the trapped pain are quite far from this absolute truth.

Think of healing past trapped emotional pain like trying to remove an invasive weed from your garden bed.  If you allow the weed to drop it’s seeds in the soil as you are removing it, then you will likely end up with more weeds seeded during the process of removing the original plant.  If you are very mindful that this is what the trapped pain will ‘want’ to do, then you can shine your light of awareness on it so that few, if any, seeds get dropped.  So, think of the seeds as narratives or thoughts that create further pain.  The most effective way to avoid dropping seeds is to not let the plant go to seed to begin with.  This would be allowing the pain to come up in such an intense state of awareness that there really is no accompanying narrative.  There is just awareness and acceptance of the vibrational field of the emotional pain.  This requires a very high level of Presence. For many of you, the momentum and energy unleashed when the pain arises will go into the mental body before you can shine your light of awareness on it.  So, if the narrative is already ‘there’ when you notice the vibrational field of the emotional pain, then do not fight the narrative, but instead, observe it intently.   Remember that it is a story designed to strengthen the vibrational field of pain that has emerged.  All of the thoughts are the seeds of the weed.  You keep the seeds from germinating by observing them without fully believing in them.  In this way, you have become a kind of ‘gardening ninja’ that can so mindfully remove the weed (by allowing the trapped pain to bubble up to and be felt at the surface level of experience) while ensuring it does not take advantage of the opportunity to propagate itself.  Furthermore, once the trapped energy in the form of pain is allowed to come out of crystallization, then it takes on it’s truest form as part of the brilliant, loving energy of the One.  It then transmutes into a vibration of energy that adds to the depth and robustness of your awareness, thereby creating a positive feedback loop that will help brighten the light of awareness that you have available within you to shine on the next chunk of trapped pain when it emerges.

Now, you may ask, ‘how do I release new emotional pain that I experience as a result of what is currently happening in life?’  If you are, indeed, asking this question, We would like you to pause with Us, and examine the assumptions inherent in the question itself, as they point to the root cause of your emotional pain.  Your emotional/psychological pain is not caused by what occurs in the external world, it is caused by your perception (or really your misperception) of what is actually occurring in the world, and most importantly, your misperception of what underlies that which is occurring.  Again, the most absolute of truths is that only love exists and that you and everyone and every life form and everything ARE that love, that cohesive, binding force that vibrates with joy, and is unchangeable.  Only the external physical shell or vessel that houses or contains this love essence energy can change.  If this Truth were deeply known by you at all times and in all situations, you would cease to experience emotional/psychological pain and you would experience, instead, the vibration of profound joy and peace that naturally emerges from the deepest awareness of this Truth.  You would experience yourself and everyone and every life form and everything as pure love and unity.  This is enlightenment.  You would also be in a state of true harmony and non-resistance to the ‘form level’ expression of life.  The notes of the symphony of form expression that life plays would neither be judged as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ thus releasing you from the suffering inherent in duality.  To be deeply present in the present moment is to approach awareness of this absolute Truth and to approach enlightenment.

If you find yourself experiencing emotional pain as a ‘result’ of something that is currently happening in your life, realize the emotional pain you are experiencing hinges on your thoughts/beliefs about what is happening.  So, to return to Our gardening analogy, invasive seeds (thoughts) are drifting into your garden beds and quickly germinating into invasive weeds (emotional pain.) If the seeds drift in, however, you can keep them from germinating by not completely believing in them, by observing them.  If you do end up believing in those thoughts, you will experience their full blown energetic consequences within your body as emotional pain.  The seeds will have been allowed to germinate and thus will very rapidly grow into plants.  If this occurs, simply circle back to the first exercise of the “gardening ninja” so that you can help keep these weeds (the current emotional pain) from seeding even more weeds.

Some of you may have garden beds already overrun with these invasive weeds and seeds.  This was the case for Liesel in the past, and she could not manage all the weeds and seeds on her own, and she sought professional help for her severe anxiety and depression.  This may be needed for some of you as well.  Get the help of a mental health professional if you find yourself unable to care for your garden on your own.

Do know that no matter how overgrown your garden may appear and feel to you, there is always the energetic blue print of a Garden of Eden underlying it.  Hold this seed of Truth in your heart and allow it to take root and grow.”

Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.

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Disclaimer: This information is not meant as medical advice, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease or mental health disorder. 

Anneliese Fricke

About Liesel Fricke

Liesel helps people all over the world transform their consciousness and lives through the workshops she co-teaches with her husband, Robert Schwartz.  Liesel understands firsthand the powerful mechanism of transformation that intense life challenges can be when we allow them to crack us open.  In response to her own intense struggles with severe obsessive compulsive disorder and depression, Liesel opened and surrendered to the depths of her being.  The spiritual opening that followed led to her capacity to connect with Unity Consciousness (Oneness) and the loving, wise beings that reside in this state of consciousness who she and Rob affectionately call The Beings of Light.  It is Liesel’s highest priority to share the profound love and wisdom of these highly evolved light beings with humanity in the messages, teachings, and meditations she channels.   Liesel and Rob are thrilled to be currently working on a book based on many of the channelings. They are excited to share with the world the powerful love and insight that emerges from the sacred internal and eternal space where all are One.  It is in this Oneness field within that we can all find the Truth of who we are as infinite unbounded love.