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A note to those who have appreciated Barbara Brodsky’s channeling of Aaron in my second book Your Soul's Gift and through the years. In February 2018 Barbara’s husband of  54 years, Hal Rothbart, had a sudden, major stroke. His right side is paralyzed, and he has severe aphasia. He was living in a nursing home, much of the cost covered by Medicaid. In March of 2020 Barbara got him out of the facility just in time, 10 days after lock-down. He is now living at home, but still needs 24/7 care. That comes out of Barbara’s pocket, since Medicaid won't pay for home care. It costs her about $7000/ month to keep him alive and cared for. To reduce costs of caregivers, Barbara also takes care of him about 12 hours a day. Gifts to Barbara and Hal through the go-fund-me link below help significantly to keep Hal alive and also reduce stress on Barbara. Thank you for any ways you may be moved to help.   
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