Between Lives Soul Regression

A Between Lives Soul Regression or BLSR (also known as a life between lives regression or LBL) is a sacred experience in which you can return to the nonphysical realm you call Home between your earthly incarnations and so experience and remember your identity as an immortal soul. A Between Lives Soul Regression is a powerful and deeply healing way to gain an expanded awareness of who you really are and a profound understanding of the plan for, and purpose of, your life.

A Between Lives Soul Regression begins with some preliminary steps that are intended to help you relax deeply. I will then guide you briefly into a past life. The past life will be one that is directly relevant to your current lifetime. For example, you may see something that was left incomplete in a past life and that you planned to complete in your current incarnation. Or, if you're struggling with something in particular, Spirit may show you a past life in which you had success with that issue as a way of saying, "You succeeded in this area before, so you can succeed again."

After the past life ends, you can talk with one of your guides about why you were shown that particular past life and how it impacted the plan for your current lifetime. We then ask your guide to escort you to the Council of Elders. The Council consists of the wise, loving, and highly evolved beings who oversee the cycle of reincarnation on Earth. The Council knows everything about you: the plan for your current lifetime, as well as everything about every past life you've had. You can ask the Council any questions you have about what you planned for your current lifetime, why you made those plans, how you're doing in terms of fulfilling your plan, and what you can do to better fulfill your plan. You can also ask any questions you have about any of the significant people and pets in your life. Many clients describe basking in the Council's pure, unconditional love and total nonjudgment. Often the Council will provide a powerful energetic healing.

Talking with the Council is a wondrous opportunity to ask any questions you have on any subject. After a Between Lives Soul Regression, many clients state, “I received an answer to every question I asked, and I have no more questions about my life!”

A BLSR is a maximum of two hours in length. 

Please note that a BLSR is a form of hypnosis in which you yourself can speak directly with Spirit. I myself am neither a medium nor a channel, and I do not offer sessions in mediumship or channeling.

You must be fluent in English. I do not offer sessions in which someone translates for you.

Your session will be conducted by phone or Skype. The process is just as powerful and healing by phone/Skype as in person, and for some people (those who are more relaxed doing the session from the comfort and familiarity of home), it's preferable to do the session by phone/Skype.

To purchase and schedule a BLSR, simply enter your time zone below. The calendar will then display available time slots (expressed in your time).

As you will see after you enter your time zone, there is a long wait for a private session. An alternative to waiting for a private BLSR is to take my workshop either in person or online. We do a group BLSR as part of the workshop. The dates for all in-person and online workshops are posted on the Events page of this website. To read about the online workshop, please click here. Note that a group BLSR is not interactive the way a private BLSR is; nevertheless, if you prefer not to wait for a private session, it's an excellent alternative. 

If you do not see the calendar immediately below this line, press refresh (the circular arrow symbol) at the top of your browser. Then, click "book" to the next available session dates.

No previous experience with hypnosis is necessary. Being in a trance state does not mean that you aren't aware of your surroundings or what’s happening. You will be fully aware throughout the session, even as you experience one of your past lives. You remain in control of the session at all times. It is not possible to get “stuck” in the between lives state; you may end the session anytime you choose simply by opening your eyes.


One of the most beautiful aspects of hypnotic regressions is that they work even if you don't believe the experience was "real." Let me share a story to illustrate this point.

In a group regression I once led at a conference, two of the participants were sisters. These two women had a similar experience during the workshop; that is, they saw pictures of a particular past life in their mind's eye, but the images didn't feel "real" to either of them. By the time the workshop was over, both women had concluded that they had simply made up the experience. But then they went out to dinner together and shared their experiences with each other. What they discovered - to their delight and amazement - was that they had both gone back to exactly the same past life in which they were in a family together. One was the daughter, the other the mother, so they saw the past life from different vantage points. But everything else was indentical: the same people, clothing, home, furnishings, grounds around the home, and historical time period. The women therefore received independent confirmation that what felt imaginary was, in fact, real communication from Spirit.

In addition, over the next few weeks the two women traced their family tree back about five generations to a particular estate in England. One of the sisters then traveled there. She wrote to me, "The grounds of this estate are exactly what I saw in the regression." They then had a second independent confirmation that what felt like imagination was true communication from Spirit.

You may choose to do your Between Lives Soul Regression by either phone or Skype. If you are not fluent in English, you may have someone with you to serve as a translator. Having a translator present does not hinder the session in any way.

I will record the session for you. Please note that the hypnotic induction used during the session will not be on the recording, as the recording begins toward the end of the induction process, shortly before we begin asking questions of Spirit.

After you purchase a BLSR, you'll receive an email confirming the date and time you selected. Please read this email very carefully. It contains several important links: instructions about how to prepare; an intake form to complete and return (I will not know your phone number or Skype name if you don't return the completed intake form and will therefore not be able to contact you on the day of your session); and a twenty-minute orientation (an audiofile) that explains in detail how the process works and what to expect. The intake form asks you to list the questions you have for the Council. I will prompt you during your session to ask these questions; this way you do not need to remember or keep track of your questions. Please note that you must return your completed intake form to me at least 48 hours prior to your session.

Refund and rescheduling policy: Please note that the BLSR fee is not refundable. Requests to reschedule a session must be made at least two days (48 hours) in advance.

If you have any questions, please write to me at


Video of the Between Lives Soul Regression I did with Elisa Medhus of the Channeling Erik blog.

"I had the great experience of a between life [regression] with Robert Schwartz. It was by far the most emotional moment of this [current] life. I went back to the death experience of one of my not proud [past] lives and forward into the soul completion of the lessons of that life. Hopefully that was the last time I have to learn the remarkable responsibility of CHOOSING the right subsequent lives!" Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

“The Between Lives Soul Regression was remarkable and has had a lasting affect on my consciousness. After reaching a state of hypnosis, I was guided into a past life that held consequence to the present. The lifetime unrolled in front of me, pulling me along in an dramatic evolution of events, ultimately opening me to a new level of comprehension. When this former life concluded, through Rob's gentle coaching, I felt my soul leave the body. My awareness began to rise higher and higher, floating freely. Soon I found I had ventured into a place of unearthly beauty, where the very essence of the space around me emanated an atmosphere of profound love. As my perceptions grew, I became aware of three beings advancing toward me. They greeted me with such delight and reverence, and I was moved to tears by their display of total acceptance and adoration. It was clear I was in the presence of a profound and sacred force.

“These beautiful beings identified themselves as part of a council that helps advise humans in the planning of their upcoming incarnations. They informed me that they were here to give guidance and to answer any questions I might have. They escorted me to a table with several chairs around it. Just as I was beginning to seat myself, I noticed another being enter the space. I was stunned and overjoyed to realize it was my beloved husband who had recently passed away! My emotions nearly overwhelmed me as my husband greeted me and took my hands in his. I will never forget the ecstasy of standing next to this lovely soul again. For what seemed like blissful hours, I had the extraordinary opportunity of talking with my husband about all the things I had for so long ached to tell him or ask him about. I was also able to share my love and gratitude for his cherished presence in my life. The greatest gift of this soul journey was to once again be with this beloved man and to feel his exquisite love. Eventually my husband chose to move on to allow the council members to share their wisdom and respond to any questions I might have. By the end of the session, every question I arrived with had been generously answered with wise counsel and advice.

“I truly can't say enough about Rob Schwartz and his skills as a hypnotist and facilitator and the extraordinary soul journey of self-discovery this has brought to me. In addition to Rob's sincere and caring nature, he possesses an amazing ability for clear, articulate instruction and guidance, which never wavers throughout the entire session. Not only was my experience both positive and enlightening, but it also proved to be profoundly healing. Within hours after the regressions, I began to discern encouraging changes both in my body and my emotional state. I noticed more energy, less physical stiffness and pain, and a cheerful, optimistic attitude. I will always be grateful for this rare and valuable opportunity. It is with the utmost confidence and conviction that I highly recommend Rob Schwartz.” –Theda H., USA

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of you, I had a fantastic voyage into the depths of Spirit, one of the few best things that have ever happened to me. When you asked me about it, I said, “That was so unexpected”. I meant that in the very best way possible. Approaching a BLSR was like being lead blindfolded to either an execution or a voyage to Heaven. This is what it is like for a trauma survivor. You don’t trust anything. And you are scared of everything. I emerged from this fantastic voyage so, so, so, very changed. I am courageous. I am fearless. I am grateful. I am enlightened. And the pain from my fibromyalgia, my scoliosis is….well, where is it? Yes, this voyage was totally unexpected in the most delightful ways possible."–Lynn, USA

"I lost my 35-year-old husband unexpectedly. He left the house for a light run and never came back; he had a massive heart attack. We were married for nine years and had two children, and I was pregnant then with our third baby. He was the love of my life. I was devastated. I couldn't understand why. I had past life and between lives regressions with Robert. It helped my through my grieving process like no other! It's not just that you make sense of things; it also gives you a knowing, that this is a chosen path in this life. I needed to experience this loss. The sessions gave me great peace and understanding." –Paloma S., Mexico

“Robert was completely focused on and committed to the success of this process, making sure every detail was covered in the preparation of my session. He was especially brilliant when he used a technique that bypassed my analytical mind by asking to speak directly to my guide. I then became the observer and was in awe of what my guide was revealing about me. The session thus transformed from a ‘thinking’ process to an ‘experiential knowing’ process. The information that was revealed helped me to understand that I indeed planned my experiences with certain individuals. Before my session I had considered these individuals to be my adversaries. I now understand that they are in reality close, soul-family friends, who volunteered to assist me in my own spiritual growth. Talk about a paradigm shift!” –Chester J., USA

“For me the session was a remarkable clearing to my inner guidance and a deeper understanding and confirmation that I am on track with my ‘soul plan.’ The technique you used was clear, relaxing, and comforting. This is such valuable work in this time of transition in human consciousness.” –Sandy S. Cheshire, UK

"Robert created an environment in which I felt truly comfortable and let go of all my worries. Whenever I got into a place of uncertainty, he effortlessly guided me through. I communicated with a spiritual being from whom I felt tremendous encouragement to start healing my insecurities and fears. After my sessions, I have experienced wonderful feelings of love and serenity within me. I have come to understand that I can deal with my challenges in a smooth, natural way by becoming more loving toward myself and the surrounding world. It is a deeply comforting and empowering experience for which I am profoundly grateful." –Eva S., Czech Republic

“Robert brought me so deep into trance that it was easy to see my past life and to connect with my spiritual guide/council of elders. The messages about my life, the problems I had to face, were so clear, and I suddenly understand everything – no more questions, why I am here, and what my soul wants me to do. I met my spiritual parents (I missed them so much in the past years!), and I had so much fun with the council of elders. The greatest gift is that the black cloud of depression, which hung over my head for years, vanished. I am now happy to be connected with the spiritual world again, and that brought back the power, light, and joy in my life. I am no longer afraid of death. I now know that I will go to a place that is unlimited love, joy, happiness, easiness, and freedom." –Jutta S., Germany


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