Staying connected to Source through gratitude or acceptance of what is

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

So, why have the concepts of gratitude and acceptance always permeated the teachings of spiritual texts?  The difference between gratitude or acceptance and dissatisfaction or ingratitude is the difference between unity and separation.  When you experience gratitude for what is, acceptance for what is, you, ironically, welcome the very power of change into your life, because you enter the dynamic playing field of God.

The only place where God or Spirit or your highest self or Unity Consciousness, the only place where the truth deep within you intersects this world is in the now moment.  Therefore, when you say ‘no’ to what is, when you recoil from what is, you shut yourself off from your connection to the deepest of all powers, which you are, which is God.  

You withdraw from this deep power, because you view that which is occurring as something you don’t want to experience, and yet, this very act of withdrawal is more likely to prolong your experience of what is currently manifest because your withdrawal from the flow of life will further crystalize that experience on the third-dimensional level.  You have effectively withdrawn from the only true source of power for deep and loving transformation that would in turn create change on the third-dimensional level if change is truly needed and of the highest good.  This withdrawal of life force energy will likely prolong the reverberation of the experience that you are recoiling from within your field of awareness and within the field of the manifest.

So, when you say ‘no’ to life, you become very disconnected from your true power, and therefore, are even more likely to experience events and situations on the third-dimensional level that you are equally or even more dissatisfied with. 

 When you experience gratitude or at least acceptance for what is, you go into the zone of potentiality.  Acceptance for what is now is your entry point to the zone of potentiality wherein new forms may emerge.  However, without this key of acceptance, you cannot unlock the field of potentiality.  

Also, when you experience gratitude for what is, when you experience gratitude for the forms and beings around you, you are communing with those forms and beings.  You are moving toward the oneness.  You are moving towards these forms, toward these beings and saying, in a way, through your gratitude and acceptance, ‘Yes, I love you!,’ ‘I perceive you beyond your surface level, and, therefore, I know that beyond this level, you are me and I am you.’ However, when you recoil from forms and beings (forms also being life experiences), you are saying ‘NO!,’ ‘I do not love you’, ‘you cannot be me, and I cannot be you, because this version of form is wrong/bad, and I perceive nothing deeper than this level.’  Through this resounding ‘NO’ to what is, you experience a deep sense of separation, and you shut yourself off from the Source.  It is this blockaded flow of life force that is ultimately the cause of all the suffering you will then inevitably experience.  However, you mistakenly attribute this suffering as being caused by the other person, form, or situation.

Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.

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