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This is a new page on which I will list resources with which I have personal experience. The intention is to offer you resources that may be of service to you on your path of healing and expansion.


A Course in Miracles
Channeled by Jesus to dislodge the ego and help us remember Union (unity consciousness). I'm now (in June 2021) doing the Course for the third time. The degree to which you're willing to do the daily exercises makes a big difference. I find that I'm increasingly willing each time I do the course again. Be kind and gentle with yourself, and accept your current level of willingness. At the same time, know that your willingness is likely to grow each time you repeat the Course.
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A Course of Love
Many people are not aware that Jesus channeled this continuation of A Course in Miracles. I suggest reading ACIM first and then coming to ACOL, but again, trust your inner knowing as to what's right for you.
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The Way of Mastery
Channelings from Jesus emphasizing heart-based consciousness.
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Love Without End
Also channeled by Jesus. Profound wisdom.
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Testimony of Light
Helen Greaves' book is the best description I've ever read of life on the other side. An absolute treasure.
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Barbara Brodsky, who channels the ascended master Aaron in my books Your Soul's Gift and Your Soul's Love, is the spiritual leader of this community, which is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Barbara is a wise, gifted, and loving teacher. On the Deepspring website you can search Aaron's many channeled messages by key word. Highly recommended.

Dear God, How Can I Heal So That I May Love?
Below is a link to a free course. I haven't taken the course, nor do I know the person who teaches it. But, if you sign up for the course, you'll receive a free PDF booklet with the above title. This PDF contains a profound channeling about how to heal. It's helpful to read the channeling, but to really benefit from it you will need to work with it moment by moment on a daily basis. I do this by re-reading one chapter (which takes only a few minutes) every morning. Then I do my best to live that wisdom throughout my day.

The Surrender Experiment
This second book by Michael Singer does a better job than any book I've seen of showing how the Universe is for us and how things that seem bad when they happen are actually blessings in the long run.
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The Untethered Soul
Michael Singer's first book. Filled with wisdom and also at times very funny.
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Why Me, Why This, Why Now
Beautiful insights about the deeper meaning of life challenges.
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Through Heaven's Gate and Back
One of the best books I've ever read about emotional healing. The author is also a very talented writer, which makes for enjoyable reading.
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The Jeshua Channelings
By Pamela Kribbe, one of the channels featured in my second book, Your Soul's Gift. A rich source of higher wisdom. Jeshua's love is palpable. (Please note that Pamela does NOT offer private sessions in which she or Jeshua tell you your life plan.)
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Your Life After Death
These two channeled books by Michael Reccia are outstanding and contain information I haven't seen elsewhere. There are several other channeled books by Michael Reccia, although I have not yet read those.
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The Fall: You Were There - It's Why You're Here
These two channeled books by Michael Reccia are outstanding and contain information I haven't seen elsewhere. The Fall discusses how one can choose not to incarnate again on Earth, which is something about which many of you have asked me. There are several other channeled books by Michael Reccia, although I have not yet read those.
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Helping Parents Heal

This is an absolutely wonderful organization devoted to helping parents who have lost a child. They do a magnificent job of bringing the spiritual (not the religious) into the healing process. There are groups all over the world, many of which have Zoom meetings - a source of great social support. If there is no group in your area, HPH will support you in starting one.

Forgiveness resources

There are two people who have developed actual methodologies to get yourself to a place of forgiveness. I'm familiar with both and can tell you that both are very good. The first is Colin Tipping, whose written several wonderful books, including Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self-Forgiveness. The second is Fred Luskin, who was the Director of The Forgiveness Institute at Stanford. He wrote an excellent book called Forgive For Good. During a recent personal challenge, reading just the first section of Luskin's book (before getting to the methodology!) allowed me to diffuse what he calls "the grievance story." An advantage of Tipping's system is that he has trained people to be Radical Forgiveness Counselors. They're listed on his web site. So, if you're working his system and need some support, you can contact one of his counselors. In my opinion it would be confusing and redundant to attempt to use both systems. I suggest you read about both and then choose the one that most strongly resonates with you. Always trust The Law of Resonance.

The Third Millennium

This book by Ken Carey is one of the greatest channeled books ever created. It explains with crystal clarity how we came to be here on Earth and what is happening in these very unusual times in which we live. The writing itself is exquisitely gorgeous.
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Trinity Esoterics

This is the web site of Shelly Young, who channels Archangel Michael. I don't know Shelly personally, but I'm a longtime subscriber to the daily (365 days a year!) channeled message from Archangel Michael. In these channelings AA Michael often talks of the "surrender, faith, flow, and trust" model by which he recomends we live our lives. I have applied this in my own life and found that it has greatly increased my peace and acceptance. Click here to go to Shelly's web site.

Private Lessons with Jesus

Myrna Skoller asked Jesus to give her private A Course in Miracles lessons . . . and so he did! She put her private lessons in a wisdom-filled book called Private Lessons with Jesus. When I do the day's daily ACIM lesson, I read both Jesus' comments through Tina Spalding (see above) and his teachings to Myrna. I also listen to the daily video comments from Marianne Williamson. This gives me three slightly different angles on each day's lesson, which makes for a particularly rich and interesting experience. Visit Myrna's FaceBook page by clicking here.

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