Join Rob, Liesel and the BOL (Beings of Light) for a journey into enlightenment. 

Please enjoy this warm welcome from the Beings of Light to the Rise to the Path Membership and Mentorship Program:

"As We embark on this adventure together, We wish for you to know and always remember that you are infinitely loved and infinitely supported.  We love you completely and utterly, without any reservation or exception, regardless of anything that you have done or not done in your current lifetime or any other lifetime.

The fact that We love you in this way does not mean that We do not know you.  It means that We may know you more deeply than you (currently) know yourself.  It is Our greatest wish that through this journey together that you may come to know yourself and others as the profound love We already perceive you to be, the profound love that is the true you and is also inextricably a part of Us and of All."

Joining today gives you access to monthly LIVE sessions and intimate interactions every third Tuesday of the month at 7pm ET with Rob and Liesel


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Powerful Insights and Answers

Hear Rob’s insightful responses to your and/or other participants’ questions, and hear what the Beings of Light have to share in response to your and/or other members’ submitted questions.

Channeled Meditations

Participate in live meditations channeled from the Beings of Light through Liesel and led by Rob and have access to recordings of these meditations for your ongoing growth and evolvement.


Discover Miracles

Learn ways to open more fully to living from love, and discover how to embrace the tiny miracles hidden within daily life by becoming more present.

Connect to Source

Become part of a community of like-minded and like-hearted individuals committed to allowing Source to flow more fully into their daily lives.


Unlimited Access

Have access to a library of past and current channelings from the Beings of Light and access to excerpts from Rob’s three books.

Choose your membership level below:

Plus, all members will receive a member’s discount on the purchase of Rob’s workshops, individual sessions, and books.

PREREQUISITE: To join, we ask that members have previously taken one of the following:
- a group or private BLSR with Rob
- attended The Shift Network Program with Rob
- attended a two-day Awakening Workshop with Rob
- Read at least one (or more) of his three books

We want to offer this as an advanced program for those who already have a firm understanding of pre-life planning and are looking for ongoing support and a deep-dive program.