Meet Liesel and the Beings of Light (BOL)

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to my wife and soulmate, Liesel. (Yes, like the young woman in The Sound of Music.) Over the past year or so, and much to our surprise, Liesel has begun to channel. We have come to refer to the nonphysical beings/Unity Consciousness that she channels as the Beings of Light or BOL for short. They have made it clear to us that humanity is at an inflection point: we can continue down the road of judgment, separation, and fear, or we can evolve much more rapidly and with much less suffering by choosing nonjudgment, Unity Consciousness and love. The BOL wish to speak to us – as many of us as they can reach – in order to help us choose the path of love.

Here is the first message they wish to share:

Hello, Dear Beings of Which We Are, 

We wish to speak of the nuance between Us and “Liesel.” This separation that We imply through language is not really there; however, We find it to be a helpful convention of language. So, for instance, when We refer to “Liesel,” We mean her more personality-based self. We also do not wish to imply that she is not with Us now as We are speaking. She is actually still a part of That which is speaking, yet one could say that she is more in the background right now. Conversely, We are a part of her that is often in the background during her more day-to-day existence. We have chosen to use the pronouns “Us” and “We” when this deeper energy is speaking, and Liesel and Rob have come to call Us the “Beings of Light.” However, again, this is only a convention. This name and these pronouns hold no innate importance to us. They are only important to Us if they are useful in allowing the information We have to share both to emerge and to be assimilated. ​

So, We come more fully to the fore now, and Liesel “waits in the wings.” Currently, during some or even much of her day-to-day life, Liesel is in the foreground, and We are “waiting in the wings.” Of course, all humans would be most functional if their higher self, Presence, or Consciousness (or whatever you wish to call Us) were at the helm of the vehicle (the body) in every “now” moment. This is, in essence, full enlightenment. This is the journey that each of you is on by being incarnate. 

But do not focus on the destination of the journey, for if the destination is reached, the journey is no longer needed or in process, and the journey itself can be most beautiful and, indeed, adds to both the complexity and depth of the destination. Also, a focus on the destination and not the journey will ironically ensure that the destination always remains out of reach. Viewed from Our perspective, which is sideways to time, both the journey and the destination (the state of enlightenment) are occurring simultaneously. This is contradictory to the human mind, but We see you simultaneously both in the process of the journey and also in the fully-formed enlightened version [of yourself].

We wish for you—by you, We mean all humans—to be in contact and communion with, and in recognition of, the deep Truth that you are. It could be called Cohesion. Other words for this are Love, Presence, God, or Unity Consciousness. Yet, none of these words can encapsulate this Truth; they can only point to it. This deep Truth of Cohesion underlies all form. This Truth is the energetic substrate of all form, the energetic substrate on which your physical vessel, your incarnate version of yourself, is articulated.

We will give you another approximation in the form of an analogy. Think of the Earth and what you have come to know through science as the makeup of the Earth. At its innermost, core level, the Earth is molten, liquid magma. This liquid or magma is extremely rich in energy and has no innate form. It takes the form of whatever vessel or structure it flows through. 

So, at the core of the Earth is this liquid, molten “potentiality,” so to speak. This is similar to The One, Presence, The Universe, or God. (All of these, and many other names have been given to that which underlies form, but ultimately can never truly be named.) As the liquid magma yearns to express itself and moves up within the structures of the Earth toward the external surface, there are containers or places where it pools and remains as a kind of reservoir. These can be termed magma chambers. These reservoirs are generally thought of as being below the surface of the Earth, not physically visible at the surface. 

For the purpose of our analogy, these magma chambers can be thought of as individual souls. So, there is a lot of potential for misinterpretation of what a soul is and how it relates to The One or Unity Consciousness. Our best approximation is to say that a soul is a carved-out chamber where magma (Unity Consciousness) has pooled and flowed, one that is generally below the surface of form expression. 

So, as the magma makes its way up from the very core, from the very centralized place of Oneness, it comes into these containers, these vessels and structures that could be thought of as magma chambers, and for our purposes, also thought of as souls.

 Then, as the magma, the molten liquid Earth-essence, moves further toward the surface of the planet, it is articulated in structures that are referred to as geological phenomena like vents, volcanoes, calderas, and other things Liesel’s consciousness is not even familiar with. These structures that are on the surface can be thought of in our analogy as “lifetimes” or “incarnations.”

 These “incarnations” are fed most directly from the soul, the magma, that has pooled in the reservoir of the soul. But when followed back to their true source, they originate in the magma of The One. Furthermore, just as the magma is always flowing from the center of the Earth up to or near the surface through volcanoes, vents, and whatever geological phenomena allow the Earth to express itself, those physical structures are also simultaneously always being turned back under and inward toward the molten center for reassimilation into The One. This is the birth-death cycle that is seen at the level of form in your third-dimensional world.

 We are indeed excited to embark on this new journey with you. We long to continue sharing and communing with you as the miracle of life continues to unfold from the enfolded.

Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.