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In this section of my web site, people may share stories of how they remembered their pre-birth plan or other stories related to spiritual awakening. If you would like to share a story of remembering your life plan, please send it to


Janie Martin

When I was a senior in High School I lived with my aunt Kay and Uncle Larry. I never had a clue they were prejudiced against the black race until one day after their Elks club meeting they were discussing a couple they knew there who had just adopted a baby girl who was black. They thought it was terrible because now they were going to have a lot of trouble and when she grew up black men would come around courting and all the black grandchildren they would have in their life and be scorned by their white friends. My aunt and uncle are gone now and so uncle Larry went first many years ago.

I found myself out of body in the old house in Longview where I lived with Aunt Kay and Uncle Larry when I was a senior in High School.  The house was very pretty when I lived there but now here, was very small and dark with closed blinds on the windows. I realized my uncle Larry who had died many years ago was in there somewhere. I looked around for him and went on the back porch but this porch was situated on a higher level that did not exist. I spotted an old black man all bent over and looking sad and I knew it was my uncle Larry. I asked him why he was being black.  He told me he wanted to experience what it was like to be a black man because of his judgment he held against black people when he was alive on earth.  He could still be reborn black and or live it out on this Astral Plane. He was learning much from this experience before birth before he made a decision.

I have come upon others I knew acting out certain experiences like this. No matter what delusions they were in after awhile they all leave those situations to go to another level more pleasant. It is like a kind of self imposed experience to transcend in Knowing.


"My plan unfolded in such a quiet, uneventful manner throughout my life that the one constant which affirmed my pre-birth intentions was an unalloyed enthusiasm for the path I was on. Growing up, nature and animals were my constant companions. I felt completely at home with all animals and at ease climbing the tallest of trees. It was the most natural thing in the world for me to seek them out as a child. I was full of adventure and I learned to be resilient and unafraid in my solitary pursuits.

"My dear father recognized my life purpose and encouraged me to become a veterinarian. I embarked on that path over 40 years ago, and with a lot of hard work (and more than a few failures along the way), I'm still caring for animals. These days I spend my working hours helping chronically ill, painful and dying animals make their transition in a peaceful way, by euthanizing them in their homes. Although it is heartbreaking, it is merciful at the same time. My greatest wish is to bring peace and relief to my animal patients and their beloved families in their own familiar surroundings.

"With Rob's guidance, I learned from my spirit guides during my between-life soul regression that, as a woman living in England during World War One, I was able to bring a sense of calm to the people I shared that life with, and I have brought that ability into this life. There were many more details which they shared with me and that revealed just how intimately they understand and support me.

"The most profound moment in my regression with my guides came with a revelation that we can all hold on to: At one point my primary guide extended her hands to me and invited me to stand up with her. When I did so, she told me that every time I fall down, she is there helping me to stand up again, in just the same way. This is something our loving guides do for all of us, whether we realize it or not. Never doubt their unabiding love for us. They are with us through all our joys, trials and sorrows. We are truly never alone."

Carol Miller, DVM

“Hi Robert, I have read both your books, and and your writings have truly resonated deep within my soul. I was drawn and guided to your work after a near death experience in May of 2014. It was such a strange experience, and I am still healing from it now.

“To give you a brief account, I was riding my bike and making a right turn at a very busy intersection in Montreal when I was run over by the four back wheels of an eighteen-wheeler carrying a 1-ton crane. Right when it was all happening I felt strangely calm. I knew it was unavoidable and relaxed into it (rather than tensing up, which would have killed me) and also invoked an emergency Reiki symbol that called in the energies of angels and ascendant masters to help me. I am an energy healer and very spiritual so I definitely had the tools to deal with this!

“After getting run over I never lost consciousness but instead stayed with the pain, meditating into it while everyone around me panicked, to the point that during the ride in the ambulance, I had to tell the paramedic watching over me to calm down. He was yelling my name to keep me “awake” because I had my eyes shut in meditation. I opened my eyes and told him to “please be quiet” as I was meditating and I squeezed his hand to let him know I was okay. I only lost consciousness when I reached the ER when they injected me with ketamine.

“When I finally woke up a day and a half later, after an 11-hour operation where I had 40 Reiki masters from around the world giving me distance Reiki, the first thing I felt (and it was such a deep knowing) was that I had planned it all. So many strange details about my accident make me certain that this was planned and that this accident was much bigger than me on so many levels.

“My recovery was miraculous to say the least… basically after 4 operations, I escaped with no spinal, organ or brain damage! They also told me they weren’t sure when I would walk again, but I began walking after 3 weeks. They told me I would be in the hospital for 6 months, but I was discharged to a convalescence after 5 weeks. I continued rehab at a special hospital but was able to go home only three months after the accident. I had a physiotherapist look at my x-rays and marvel at how strange it was that despite the weight of the truck that should have shattered my bones, only the outer bones were broken, as if something had protected the inner parts from being damaged. I had another physiotherapist who had been working for 40 years tell me that I was the most miraculous case he had ever worked on.

“The accident itself was extremely public, it occurred at one of the busiest intersections in downtown Montreal. And that day was also very different in that there was an event/protest happening, so the streets were full of people, including media, police and first response (so that the reaction after my accident was instantaneous). (A bizarre side note: one of my friends was three cars ahead of the accident in his own car and saw it happening and only realized it was me when he saw it on the news, I then ended up in the same rehab facility as his grandma, so he was able to visit us both at the same time lol). I also locked eyes with the police officer that came to my aid right before and as it was happening. I think the hardest part for me was seeing the terror and trauma in everyone as it was happening. I weirdly felt so much sadness in my heart feeling all that pain.

“Eventually though, I realized that everyone who was supposed to be there and the trauma we all experience was a part of a healing on a bigger scale.

“After the accident there was a lot of media coverage about bicycle safety and there was another protest planned on my behalf in solidarity for me at the site of the accident. A group of cyclists even staged a “die-in.” I was very touched, to say the least.

“I feel deeply that this accident was beyond me and happened not just for me to learn and grow as a soul, but was also meant as a huge activation and paradigm shift for everyone involved and the collective as a whole.”

An Nguyen,

"Lily is my second child and I sensed from the time she was born that she had in some way come to heal me.

"She has trouble with her physiological vision, but her spiritual vision is very clear.  She told me when she was very little, maybe three, that she was so happy that she chose me to be her mommy, and that babies get to choose their mommies and she chose me because I was the best mommy for her.

"When she was 6, she told me the following.  I do wish I had it recorded but you never know when a conversation like this will happen!

"Lily said, 'Mommy, I wasn't always Lily.  A long time ago in another place I was still who I am, but I wasn't Lily.  I was another little girl and they called me Sarah.  I had a nice mommy too.  I didn't have the kind of clothes I wear.  My mommy made my clothes from sheeps wool and soft cloth.  We had a farm.  I had brothers and sisters.  We lived away from other people in a big house that my daddy built himself.  We had a lot of land and my daddy built a barn and our fences too.  We had animals and I always went to the barn to be with them and take care of them.  I loved my animals.  My family was good.  One day men came riding on horses to my house.  They were wearing red.  They brought fire boxes with them on their horses and put fire on our house.  Then I wasn't Sarah anymore.  I waited a long time to be Lily.  When I was Sarah, my job was to love animals and take care of them.  Now I'm Lily, and my job is to be a healer.  I am even healing you.'

"She told me it was about 200 years ago.  It sounds to me like a description of life on an early American farm, perhaps the era of the war of 1812, and perhaps the farm was attacked by British soldiers. At the age of 6, Lily had not yet learned history that would have in any way informed her story.

"It is interesting to note that at the time, we lived in the country on our own small farm, and Lily has always had a strong, intuitive affinity for animals.  She treats all living things with the deepest respect and care and has a knack for attracting and working with animals.  I could say so much more about the way she supports my own healing, but I certainly see her as a high-vibrational soul who has at times given me so much courage and strength."


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