The Dojo and the Dance Floor

As channeled from the Beings of Light through Liesel.

"Think of the third-dimensional plane as a kind of dojo.  You are meeting life in the form of your life situation within this dojo.  Are you enemies with your life?  Do you meet life in a rigid, unyielding stance, rejecting what already is?  The next thing you know, do you find yourself flat on your back, trying to catch your breath?  Or do you accept what already is as it arises in life and work with and incorporate its momentum to partner with life and shift into a new position in which you flourish?

It is not about winning or dominating, it is about engaging in the dance of energy and becoming attuned to where momentum is already flowing and channeling that momentum in positive and beneficial ways.  Indeed, you can also think of life as a dance floor where you dance a duet with life itself.  The more you allow life to lead, the more graceful the dance.  When, as the ego, you try to lead, chaos and clumsiness ensue.  Only Spirit knows the true choreography.  Surrendering to the dance as it flows to you and through you, and following the momentum of energy to its desired expression, this is how to live life in the present, and how you ultimately bridge the gap from the life you have lived until now and your soul’s highest incarnate destiny."

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

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Disclaimer: This information is not meant as medical advice, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any disease or mental health disorder.

Anneliese Fricke

About Liesel Fricke

Liesel helps people all over the world transform their consciousness and lives through the workshops she co-teaches with her husband, Robert Schwartz.  Liesel understands firsthand the powerful mechanism of transformation that intense life challenges can be when we allow them to crack us open.  In response to her own intense struggles with severe obsessive compulsive disorder and depression, Liesel opened and surrendered to the depths of her being.  The spiritual opening that followed led to her capacity to connect with Unity Consciousness (Oneness) and the loving, wise beings that reside in this state of consciousness who she and Rob affectionately call The Beings of Light.  It is Liesel’s highest priority to share the profound love and wisdom of these highly evolved light beings with humanity in the messages, teachings, and meditations she channels.   Liesel and Rob are thrilled to be currently working on a book based on many of the channelings. They are excited to share with the world the powerful love and insight that emerges from the sacred internal and eternal space where all are One.  It is in this Oneness field within that we can all find the Truth of who we are as infinite unbounded love.