As channeled from the Beings of Light through Liesel.

“The purpose of karma is not to punish.  The purpose of karma is to reunite you with the part of the One that you have artificially separated yourself from by giving you the experience from the other frame of reference, the opposing role in the dynamic.  Think of it as a kind of built in guardrail system for incarnate reality to keep you from going too far off track into the perception of separation.  Karma is based in duality.  When you experience one side without a robust understanding of the other side, then you must experience this other side as well in order to bring both halves of duality into their balanced state that is whole, and therefore, can finds it’s way back to Oneness perception.  However, the need for the direct incarnate experience of the other frame of reference is no longer necessary if your vibration is raised to the level that transcends this interplay of duality and rests in a deep knowingness of the innate Oneness of all, and thereby, also the knowingness of the Oneness shared with the other in an ‘opposite’ role.  When there is the deep, visceral understanding that to harm another in any way, is to directly harm yourself, and that also to react to another’s harm or perceived harm of you through violence (whether physical or emotional), or judgment or non-forgiveness, is to inevitably do direct harm to yourself, then you have moved into a way of being in the world that does not operate via the mechanism of karma.

So, to further illustrate karma, and to also illustrate the subtle differences between balancing, releasing, and transcending karma, think of a teeter-totter. Imagine that you stand on top of the fulcrum of the teeter-totter. The teeter-totter does not move when you stand directly on top of the fulcrum which is located at the midpoint of the teeter-totter. Standing on top of the fulcrum is perceiving from a perspective of Unity Concsiouness or Oneness. Now, imagine that you have split yourself into two people and you sit on each end of the teeter-totter. The splitting yourself in two is when you perceive another being as truly separate from you when the deepest truth is that there is only one being, one consciousness having a multitude of points of perception. So, now you perceive yourself as sitting on one side of the teeter-totter and someone else, someone other than you, as sitting on the other side of the teeter-totter. This is duality consciousness. Now, imagine that you want to bring the teeter-totter into a state of balance such that the two people on the teeter-totter (who are ultimately both you in the deepest sense) both are suspended in the air. Let’s also say that the weight that you originally had when you were one being is constantly being shifted between the two people such that one is heavier and then the other is heavier. This sets the teeter-totter in motion. So, then if the weight is shifted such that both people weigh exactly the same, then the teeter-totter is in a state of equilibrium, it is balanced, and both people are suspended in the air and the teeter totter is no longer in motion. Yet, this balance can be easily disrupted by even a slight shift of weight, that then sets the teeter totter into motion again. However, when you raise your vibration back to a level of remembrance of your Oneness with the other, then you move back to standing atop the fulcrum of the teeter totter. This is the release of karma. Remaining in this place of perception, in this vibration of awareness, is the transcendence of karma. This is the place of ultimate stability where the teeter totter is not subject to being set into motion again.”

Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”