Higher Self online workshop - November 7th, 2023

Explore profound wisdom, gain practical tools, and experience your true nature through a deep immersive meditation — allowing you to access your higher self more fully and flourish in a life filled with peace, love, and joy.

November 7th at 7pm ET

What to expect:

  • Rob and Liesel will explain how your higher self relates to your personality self — and how to align with your higher self and surrender to Source flowing through you.

  • Rob and Liesel will help you understand how first opening to your Higher Self is the important groundwork that allows you to open the portal for connecting with angels, spirit guides, masters, and loved ones on the other side.

  • Liesel will share loving wisdom channeled from the Beings of Light about your true nature and the true nature of all beings as the essence of love and light.

  • Rob will lead you on a deep meditation channeled by Liesel from the Beings of Light that will help you connect with your higher self and increase your awareness of the infinite love and light that you actually are.

Within a few days of registering, you’ll receive a recording of a beautiful meditation channeled by Liesel from the Beings of Light and led by Rob, “Merging Heaven and Earth Within.” To help you get the most out of your experience, you can use this meditation in the days leading up to the workshop to help you better connect with the energy of Mother Earth and with the divine energy of Source — balancing and cleansing your chakras in the process.

You’ll also be able to continue working with the “Merging Heaven and Earth Within” meditation after the workshop as a wonderful resource for aligning yourself and aiding in your continued expansion and evolution.

Here is a loving invitation to join us from the Beings of Light:

“As We embark on this adventure together, We wish for you to know and always remember that you are infinitely loved and infinitely supported. We love you completely and utterly, without any reservation or exception, regardless of anything that you have done or not done in your current lifetime or any other lifetime.

The fact that We love you in this way does not mean that We do not know you. It means that We may know you more deeply than you (currently) know yourself. It is Our greatest wish that through this journey together that you may come to know yourself and others as the profound love We already correctly perceive you to be, the profound love that is the true you and is also inextricably a part of Us and of All.”

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

November 7th Workshop Schedule:

7pm to 7:15pm - brief channeled meditation led by Liesel

7:15pm to 7:45pm - Rob and Liesel share valuable insight about your Higher Self and your personality self

7:45pm to 8:15pm - Rob leads the Higher Self Meditation (channeled by Liesel from the Beings of Light)

8:15pm to 9pm - Sharing and Q & A