Calling all light workers, empaths, healers, mediums....


My mission is to get inspiring, healing information about pre-birth planning to as many people as possible. My work is intended to help people awaken, heal, and understand the deeper spiritual meaning and purpose of their greatest challenges.


I need your help to complete my mission. Please consider joining my affiliate program for the online workshops I myself produce. You'll receive 40% commission. Currently, I offer three online workshops:


  • A one-day Between Lives Soul Regression (BLSR) in which people can speak with their Council of Elders, the wise, loving and highly evolved beings who oversee their personal evolution. The Council can answer literally any question someone asks. The main questions people ask are what did they plan and why, how are they doing in regard to fulfilling their plans, and how can they better fulfill their plans. People who experience a BLSR often say, "I have no more questions about my life. My Council answered every question I asked."


  • My two-day Awakening to Your Life Purpose, Discovering Your Life Plan workshop. On the first day I talk briefly about my own spiritual path and the five main reasons why we ourselves plan our greatest challenges BEFORE we are born. We then do my Divine Virtues Exercise, which gives people insight into the qualities they're working on in this lifetime. When people planned their lives, they viewed their greatest challenges as providing both the opportunity and the motivation to cultivate and express certain Divine Virtues. Once people know which virtues they're working on, then in the future when a new challenge arises, they will see deeper meaning and purpose in it and not go into victim consciousness. They can therefore cultivate the virtues in a much more conscious and less painful and arduous manner. At the end of the first day, we a group Contact a Deceased Loved One regression. This regression allows participants to contact both people and pets who are now back on the other side. People find such contact to be both deeply healing and informative. On the second day of the workshop, we do a group BLSR.


  • A one-day Star Souls workshop. I co-teach this workshop with my wife, Liesel, who channels a collective of loving beings we call the Beings of Light or BOL for short. A Star Soul is someone who came from a far-away and usually highly advanced world to serve Gaia and the people of Earth. Star Souls bring unique gifts with them. They also face unique challenges in adapting to life on Earth. This workshop is intended to help Star Souls discover their galactic origin, the unique gifts they brought with them, and how best to activate and utilize those gifts in service to Gaia and humanity. This is an advanced workshop open only to people who have already taken one of the two workshops listed above.


All affiliates receive 40% of the total amount I receive from those registrations who purchase from your affiliate link!

Here are the current amounts we charge for each workshop and the amount you will receive per person who registers:

Between Lives Soul Regression workshop: US $199 per person; you receive US $79.6 per person

Awakening to Your Life Purpose, Discovering Your Life Plan: US $340 person; you receive US $136 per person.

Star Souls: US $199 per person; you receive US $79.60 per person.

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