Ukraine, Putin, and Earth’s timeline

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A reader writes the following:

Rob and Kathleen…can you speak to the two possible timelines we are on? One being, Putin is trying to take over other countries. And the other being he is clearing out the tunnels to set the children free, while also destroying the bio labs. I would love to hear your comments. Though I believe that whichever we believe will be what we experience. It is confusing for us to hear different plots between channelings. Thank you!!  

Kathleen channels a collective of ascended masters who respond with these words:

“We speak of this scenario as one that holds possibility as does everything in one’s belief system, and by that we mean that if something can be ‘thought,’ it can then hold possibility. We also speak of timelines and what they mean/are. For instance, in a timeline of recent, something took place that moved humanity (almost all) from one place/timeline/reality to another. It was the consciousness that began to move in a direction away from darkness we will call it that denied a timeline of humanity’s ending this chapter through a war that would be the last war. This ending was foretold by many, both religious and seers. The Armageddon it was called. We were not to see the year 2000 as the world would move along the same ‘track’ of time, where separation was its banner and war was its game. Warring on earth has taken place since the beginning of this current timeline that began millennia ago. Tribes either merged or warred, and that has not stopped even onto this day. Land was far more important than human life as you are witnessing within this war in Ukraine.  

There was a timeline that did not change course and held fast to the darkness and greed and the actual thrill of the idea of using upon people and the earth a series of bombs that devastated the land. This timeline went forth in the 1990’s and was allowed to play out, but it was quickly eradicated and cleansed of all harm and danger. Mankind was allowed to a certain place and point to look into a time that they could choose to follow its line or move into another timeline, where the surety of shifting into a higher dimension was. The ‘new’ timeline began to form in 1987 as the collective consciousness (although completely unconscious to this decision) decreed that war would not be the finale for the planet; history/time would not repeat itself. Much has changed since that year, and although we assure you that this new and beautiful world is currently being created, we understand your skepticism as you watch a world of division falling apart. That is in our view the assurance that all is well. All things MUST be brought forth and viewed in its historical state of separation, warring, greed, injustice, inequality, hatred, etc; and all those energies of fear must be transmuted for the earth’s entrance into the higher frequency. We assure you that this timeline you walk within is clearing the path for an earth of great beauty and peace, equality and abundance for all. So, it is this timeline that we speak of that is of our only focus as well our great joy and privilege to assist within. Upon this timeline there are no stories of Putin freeing children; he is, in fact, doing the opposite. He is not upon this timeline attempting to do anything we see as benevolent to make the world and her inhabitants live a better life. We say this as we also say that he holds a great purpose in this moment of consciousness shift. He is a presenter to many millions, and what he presents allows those who view their own thoughts and energies and alignments. He presents something that is allowing those millions who watch a response as to what it is they want in this world. It allows them to mourn and blast compassion upon the situation, which in turn lifts the consciousness even in the midst of those atrocities that he perpetrates.  

We choose not to mention/speak of any other timelines that are fading into oblivion as the one that is of the most prominent is thriving, regardless of appearances. We also would never deny any other information giver their own freedom of expression or knowledge on this subject. What we would say to you is that in gathering all information use discernment as you view it, including these words. Discernment is a ‘fast track,’ you could say, to your own voice. Measure all things against how it makes you feel. You are not obligated to align with all those things you are hearing in your quest to awaken for you are truly awakening to YOURSELF, and to hear yourself either agree or disagree with the myriad of information that is out there is to congratulate yourself for simply listening.

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