The power of waves

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel

This is a time of great possibility within your realm.  There is, indeed, a great movement toward ascension occurring. This movement toward ascension serves to magnify any personal evolvement that an individual chooses to undergo at this time.  Think of this as the amplification of a wave.  To illustrate the concept of the amplification of waveforms, think of an individual walking along a bridge. As they walk along the bridge they will inevitably create, if only subtle, a wave phenomenon that your scientists have termed ‘simple harmonic motion’ within the physical structure of that bridge.

It may be almost imperceptible to the naked human eye, however, there are certainly scientific instruments which could measure it.  However, if instead, there is an entire army marching in unison on a bridge, everyone can observe this wave phenomenon occurring within the bridge.  In fact, armies are specifically instructed not march in lockstep because of the potential of creating such an intense amplification of the simple harmonic motion wave pattern that it would ultimately result in the structural collapse of the bridge.  So, let us now apply this concept of the additive power of waves, something your scientists have termed as ‘constructive interference,’ to what is currently occurring in your realm.  So, any spiritual evolution that you are undergoing personally has the opportunity to be greatly amplified because it is in harmony and resonance with the overall ascension of humanity.  In other words, there is a very high degree of ‘constructive interference’ between personal evolution and the overall ascension of humanity.  In this way, all of you that are in body, have a tremendous opportunity, and a rather rare opportunity.  In fact, your being incarnate at this time means that you have won a kind of ‘lottery,’ as there are many beings and souls that would wish to be incarnate now, and yet, your planet cannot sustain all of them in physical form.  Therefore, it is our hope, and prayer, and blessing toward each and every one of you that you mine the internal depths that you have access to for their spiritual gold, and that you not squander this incarnate opportunity.  That which you accomplish within yourself will reverberate out into the world many millionfold through this process of amplification.

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”