Rebirth While Incarnate

As channeled from the Beings of Light through Liesel.

“Often when there is a serious illness or a near-death experience, it can cause a kind of rebirth, a new lifetime within the current incarnation. This often happens because the event triggers a disassociation with the mental/emotional structures that the person has accumulated throughout their lifetime, and a reassociation and a realignment with the soul and true essence of love and light that the soul is.

 Once the animating energy is removed from the mental/emotional structures, they collapse or weaken significantly, and therefore the same life lessons that would be necessary to bring awareness to the mental/emotional structures that are at the wheel of your life, are no longer needed.  There is the opportunity for Spirit to continue its evolution and undertake new lessons, without the need to first dissolve the current physical form.  While the potential peril or actual peril of the physical body often catalyzes these quantum leaps of consciousness, the possibility of the shedding of the physical body is not necessary for these leaps to occur.  What is necessary (that the prospect of death tends to elicit) is a surrender of control, and a willingness to perceive beyond the mental/emotional structures, a willingness to drop the very familiar (and therefore comfortable) association with those structures as being you, and a willingness to not cling to them tenaciously.  When this willingness is there, it creates a space, an opening, which Spirit immediately fills with its formless essence, with the energy that is ultimately you at your deepest level, with the energy that is also simultaneously All.  To most personalities, this is generally a terrifying prospect as it closely resembles death.  It is actually a homecoming for the (temporarily) disconnected energy that has been allowed to run unsupervised through the mental/emotional patterning accumulated during a lifetime, for it is now absorbed back into the soul and Unity Consciousness, and subsequently, there is a reanimating of the body with the energy of the soul and Unity Consciousness that then can flow unobstructed from the heart into the mind and use the mind (as it was intended to be used) as an instrument for the purpose of expanding the vibration of love in the world.  This is very different than before when the mind and emotional patterning was essentially using the body to carry out actions based on a fragmented, disconnected, and trapped energy bouncing around within those mental and emotional structures, that had convinced you that it was you.  The challenge is to retain this connection as you move forward in time, and to not allow a new identity to form that is based on newly collected thoughts and emotions, and to keep hitting the refresh button to Source.” 

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”