Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz

Wondering why you might have pre-planned to experience the pain and loss you're going through?

What do spiritual awakenings, miscarriage, abortion, caregiving, having pets, abusive relationships, sexual orientation, adoption, poverty, loss from suicide, and mental illness have in common? The answer is that all of them can be part of a life plan created by our souls before we are born.

A between-lives soul regression (BLSR) with me can help you connect with your pre-birth plan to see what life choices and virtues you set up for yourself to learn in this lifetime.

One of the most beautiful aspects of hypnotic regressions is that they work even if you don't believe the experience was "real." Below, you'll meet Jessica who lost her son earlier this year and was able to reconnect and find answers and peace.

Awakening to Your Life Purpose, Discovering Your Life Plan - July 23-24 2022


Join me in July for this two-day workshop where you will embark on a journey into your own life plan and why you planned for certain events and obstacles. This includes meeting with the Council of Elders, connecting with a Deceased Loved One, participating in a group Between Lives Soul Regression (BLSR), group discussions with me and more…

July 23-24, 2022, 9:30 AM EST


Will you connect with a passed loved one?

Everyone's experience is different during the workshop, but most are able to connect with the passed loved one they want to see again, bringing them peace. See first-hand below how Laura was able to re-connect with her daughter that passed of suicide.

Do you need to be good at meditation to have success connecting with passed loved ones? 

No! No previous experience with hypnosis is necessary. Being in a trance state does not mean that you aren't aware of your surroundings or what’s happening. You will be fully aware throughout the session, even as you experience one of your past lives. You remain in control of the session at all times. It is not possible to get “stuck” in the between lives state; you may end the session anytime you choose simply by opening your eyes.

Are you struggling to understand why you are having difficult and/or painful relationships?

In my books, I cover many different aspects of relationships from abuse to infidelity to why you might not be able to find your soulmate. Why would you choose to have a bad relationship? Nao was able to find clarity and answers on her own blockages and the difficult choices she pre-planned to place on her life path.

My Awakening to Your Life Purpose, Discovering Your Life Plan online workshop consists of three components:

1. My Divine Virtues Exercise, which gives you insight into the qualities you're working on in this lifetime;

2. A Contact a Deceased Loved One group hypnotic regression (which often leads to contact with multiple loved ones on the other side, including pets);

3. A group Between Lives Soul Regression (BLSR) in which you can find out what you planned for your current lifetime and why, how well you're doing in terms of fulfilling your plan, and how you may better fulfill your plan. For a detailed description of the BLSR, please click here.

People who experience a BLSR (whether in a workshop or in a private session) often comment on the powerful, unconditional love and total nonjudgment of the nonphysical beings with whom they speak in the regression. The conversation with those beings leads to a much deeper understanding of who you are as an eternal soul and why you are here on Earth at this time, which in turn leads to greater acceptance, peace, and joy.

The benefits of the workshop are:

  • It empowers you to emerge from victim consciousness

  • Keen insight into why certain people are in your life and why some of those relationships are so challenging, which in turn leads to forgiveness

  • Acceptance and gratitude in regard to the challenges of this lifetime

    An understanding of the deeper spiritual meaning and purpose of your challenges, relationships, and experiences, which in turn creates deep healing

  • Greater peace and joy

  • An understanding of your purpose and mission on Earth

Agenda (All times are US eastern and are approximate except for the 10 am start times):


9:30am -10am: Pre-session Zoom troubleshooting and meditation

10am - 10:15am: 15-minute talk about the five main reasons why we ourselves plan great challenges before we're born.

10:15am - 11:45am: Divine Virtues Exercise

11:45am - 12:45pm: Break for Lunch

12:45pm - 3pm: Contact a Deceased Loved One regression; journal about your experience; sharing and discussion


9:30am -10am: pre-session Zoom troubleshooting and meditation

10am-10:15am: Quick Break to get settled for the regression

10:15am - 12:15pm: Between Lives Soul Regression

12:15pm - 1:45pm: Journal about your experiences; lunch

1:45pm - 3:45pm: Sharing and discussion; concluding remarks

Refund and cancellation policy: All sales final; no refunds. If you have an emergency that prevents you from attending the workshop last minute, you are welcome to transfer/participate in another online workshop. When you register for the workshop, you agree to these terms.