I am convinced there is a pre-embodiment life plan that we follow. A Between Life Regression (BLSR) helps you find out what you have planned for your current life and why. Curious to learn about yours?

Sept 5th

Join me for a *free* discussion on Between Life Soul Regressions on September 5th at 7pm ET

Discover Answers such as:

  • You'll learn how well are you doing towards fulfilling your plan, and how you can better fulfill your plan.
  • Many report powerful, unconditional love and total non-judgment on the non-physical beings as they speak to you in the regression.
  • Conversation with these beings leads to a much deeper understanding of who you are as an Eternal Soul, and why you are here on Earth at this time.
  • This leads to great acceptance, peace and joy.
  • It empowers you to step out of victim consciousness.

Even if you can't attend the live stream, I encourage you to still sign up and receive the recorded session afterward.

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