Expanding the Glass

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.

“We would like to illustrate human suffering from life situations with an analogy. Imagine a lemon. Cut the lemon in half. Now, imagine squeezing all of the juice from both halves of the lemon into an empty glass. Take a sip from this glass. The taste is, of course, very sour, and not at all easily drinkable. Now, imagine that you actually are the glass containing the lemon juice. What is inside the glass is what is in your awareness. So, in this case, you are aware and focused on what you perceive to be the cause of your suffering (i.e. illness, physical pain, unhappy life circumstances, etc.) This perceived cause of the suffering is the lemon juice. Now, there are really two types of lemon juice in your glass, even though you think it is all the same lemon juice. So, before the juice was squeezed into the glass, think of the two halves of lemon that it was squeezed from. The first half of the lemon is the inherent pain or discomfort associated with the situation. For instance, if the situation is an illness that involves chronic physical pain, the physical pain is this half of the lemon. The other half of the lemon consists of the mental narratives you tell yourself about the situation. Often, this second half of the lemon is actually far more sour than the first half.

The myriad of stories that the ego-mind can create about the situation often induce far more suffering than the inherent pain and discomfort of the situation. Stories like ‘It is completely unfair that this has happened to me and it is ruining my life.’ This is self-induced psychological suffering. This is mentally created suffering that is piled on top of the inherent pain or discomfort that accompanies the situation. It is actually optional whether you squeeze this half of the lemon into your glass because even if the mind has already gone down the suffering-inducing-storytelling-rabbit-hole, and is spinning some tale of woe, you can choose not to believe it. You can choose to be the witness of your thoughts, and not assume that they are true simply because they exist. This is a profound practice, and has a dual benefit. Firstly, it keeps the second half of the lemon from being squeezed into your glass. Secondly, it actually allows the glass (your awareness) to expand. As you, the glass, expand, the extra space is immediately filled with fresh, pure water. This water is Source energy, your higher self. Therefore, the second benefit is that the lemon juice from the first half of the lemon has been diluted by the pure water, thereby, making it taste less sour. In other words, by expanding your awareness to realize that you are the witness of your thoughts, you also expand your ability to be the witness of the inherent pain or discomfort vibration. In addition, you can also continue to expand your glass (which will automatically cause more water from Source to fill it) by actively cultivating your connection to your higher self (the love that you are) through meditation, prayer, and present moment awareness or mindfulness. Through these practices, your glass can become so large and so filled with crystal clear water that the juice from the first half of the lemon becomes very dilute, and, therefore, only has a faint note of tartness. This is how you transcend any external life circumstances, by cultivating your internal life, and making it of highest priority.”

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”