Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz

Aligning with Ascension September 12th, 2023

Align with the evolutionary impulse of the planet, and embrace your part in the blossoming of humanity’s consciousness.

September 12th at 7pm ET

What to expect:

Join Rob, Liesel, and the Beings of Light for an evening that will help you more fully align with the evolutionary impulse of the planet — and with your part in the blossoming of humanity’s consciousness!

Rob and Liesel will discuss how Ascension affects you and all of humanity. You’ll gain clarity about the process of purification that’s currently unfolding, that’s necessary to help humanity and the Earth ascend in vibration.

You’ll learn how to work with the purification process (instead of being in opposition to it) when it appears in your life — and how to view what’s coming up in your life as useful and helpful.

Liesel will share some great channelings and insights from the Beings of Light on Ascension, plus practical ways to better manage and relate to the purification process.

Rob will lead you on a deep inward journey channeled by Liesel from the Beings of Light to help you release karma and old patterns — so you can open more fully to, and align with, the higher frequencies of Ascension.

Here is a loving invitation to join us from the Beings of Light:

“Whether you are aligned or not with the overarching evolutionary impulse of the Ascension and the unique way in which it wishes to emerge and express in you will determine whether you experience headwinds or tailwinds as you move through life. In other words, the more you are in alignment with how life wishes to use you in the unfolding of the divine plan, the more effortless life seems to become.”

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”

As I understand it, you made a one-in-three cut to be here on Earth at this time of planetary ascension. Yes, that’s right, there were three times as many souls who wanted to be here for Ascension as available bodies. Why did so many souls want before they were born to be here in body now? Why did you want before you were born to be here in body now? What exactly is Ascension? How can you align with Ascension so as to maximize the peace and joy in your life and also be of greatest possible service to humanity and Gaia as we ascend?

I’ll get to those questions, but please allow me to introduce myself first. I’m the American author of four books in German about why we ourselves plan our greatest challenges BEFORE we are born. The intentions of the books are to help people awaken, understand the deeper spiritual meaning and purpose of their most difficult experiences, and heal from those experiences.  - Rob

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September 12th Workshop Schedule:

7pm to 7:15pm - brief channeled meditation led by Liesel

7:15pm to 7:45pm - Rob and Liesel share valuable insights about Aligning with Ascension

7:45pm to 8:15pm -Rob leads the Ascension Meditation (channeled by Liesel from the Beings of Light)

8:15pm to 9pm - Sharing and Q & A