Help Someone

Help SomeoneWhen people experience the powerful unconditional love, complete non-judgment, and great wisdom of the Council of Elders in a Between Lives Soul Regression (BLSR), deep healing often results. To make this healing available to as many people as possible, I offer some pro bono sessions. But, it is impossible for me to offer pro bono sessions to all who request them. Please help me to offer healing BLSRs to those who cannot afford such a session.

On this page I feature an email from someone who has asked me to match them (or someone they love) with an “Angel.” Being an Angel means donating $272.00 (half the usual cost of $545 for a BLSR). I will then waive the other half. Your kindness and generosity may very well be the turning point in this person's life.

To be an Angel and donate so that the person whose story is featured below may have a BLSR, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


"I am a 64 year old retired man now living on very modest means.

"I have had an interesting life so far, even though ( like many others) I have gone through the mill a bit. At the age of 15, I was in an explosion,which nearly cost my young life. At 19 I was a passenger in a car which hit a school bus head on. I nearly died from that one, too.

"All of my life I have had severe back pain, and it turned out to be a spinal degradation problem for which I had to have spinal surgery. I still suffer with the pain and am on constant morphine. I sometimes just want to end it all, but I know that it would only result in me coming back to do it all again. This is what keeps me going, I suppose.

"So, maybe a hypnotic regression session to my between lives can shed some light on all of this madness. Maybe it will allow me to see my life's plan and the reasons for the turmoil.

"My home is on a small island off the coast of the United Kingdom. I retired here several years ago from my job as an aircraft engineer. I am married with two grown children, both of whom live in other parts of the UK. I feel that my journey so far in this life is incomplete, and I'd like to know why."