Help Someone

Help SomeoneWhen people experience the powerful unconditional love, complete non-judgment, and great wisdom of the Council of Elders in a Between Lives Soul Regression (BLSR; also known as a life between lives regression or LBL), deep healing often results. To make this healing available to as many people as possible, I offer some pro bono sessions. But, it is impossible for me to offer pro bono sessions to all who request them. Please help me to offer healing BLSRs to those who cannot afford such a session.

On this page I feature an email from someone who has asked me to match them (or someone they love) with an “Angel.” Being an Angel means donating $272.00 (half the usual cost of $545 for a BLSR). I will then waive the other half. Your kindness and generosity may very well be the turning point in this person's life.

To be an Angel and donate so that the person whose story is featured below may have a BLSR, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


"My son he who was just 34 years old committed suicide. He hung himself. To say the least this left me so devastated and so unsure of life its self. I have no idea why he did this.

"I have had a very difficult life. I grew up with alcoholic parents. I was not particularly close to my mother. I truly believe this woman hated me. Out of her 5 children, I was the one that she chose to make life as a child, and even as an adult, miserable for. I've been married and divorced three times. I'm always financially struggling. One of my 3 husbands molested my daughter when she was just 12 years old.

"I haven't worked since a few months after my son's death. I have no ambition. I have no energy. I cry ALL the time. I miss him!!!! I worry about him. I want to see him, be with him. Sometimes I feel like he needs me.

All of my friends tell me I'm a special kind of person. Loving, caring, compassionate, a good listener, and good advice giver. Loyal, trustworthy. Honest. However, I don't give myself much credit. I find myself to be useless, just taking up space. I feel ugly! Old! (I'm 58) I feel "done."

My hearts desire: To be happy! Just once before I die. Happy with ME!"